Pappy's & Bourbon Q BBQ Sauces 

  • BOURBON Q - Barrel Select

    BOURBON Q - Barrel Select

    Top shelf grilling sauce for steaks, ribs, chicken, tuna or scrambled eggs…the morning after. Beginning with a sweet note, Barrel Select leads you through a cascade of flavors, bouncing from fresh garlic,caramelized onion, and the earthy essence of worchestershire. This blending of flavors is perfectly balanced with the unexpected and ever-so subtle arrival of habanero. A richly distinguished condiment for anything grilled.


  • BOURBON Q - Classic

    BOURBON Q - Classic

    Since 1990, this Classic sauce has warmed the hearts of rib connoisseurs worldwide. Having won world championship rib competitions, as well as a host of local and regional titles and awards, this recipe harkens to our beginning days in barbecue. With the heartiness of its smoky worchestershire and vinegar base, this basting sauce will open the doors of barbecue to the novice, and endear itself to the “Old School” barbecue masters as well.


  • BOURBON Q - Gold Reserve

    BOURBON Q - Gold Reserve

    A cherished classic in its own right, Bourbon Q Gold Reserve is not for the faint of heart. Although not classified as hot, it definitely holds its own. Robust in its base of tomato and worchestershire,Gold Reserve has flavors fighting for your attention. The smoky note and heat of chipotle merge and vie for your attention over the hearty flavor of roasted garlic.


  • Pappy's Fighting Cock (Cajun style)

    Pappy's Fighting Cock (Cajun style)

    Fighting Cock Kentucky Bourbon is one of the first bourbons on the market designed specifically for those who like a little “kick” in their cocktail. Fighting Cock Kentucky Bourbon BBQ Sauce is cut from the same cloth.


  • Pappy's Hottest Ride in Town BBQ Sauce - xxx Hot

    Pappy's Hottest Ride in Town BBQ Sauce - xxx Hot

    Burns Fast, Hard, and Deep! This sauce is considered a solid 10 on a heat scale of 0 -10. This is NOT a hot sauce it’s a BARBECUE SAUCE with all the heat most normal humans would ever consider ingesting at a sitting!! The difference between most shock hot sauces and Hottest Ride, is that we give you a great barbecue flavor and then the most heat we can jam into the sauce to compliment your cookout.


  • Pappy's Moonshine Madness Barbecue Sauce - (xx Hot)

    Pappy's Moonshine Madness Barbecue Sauce - (xx Hot)

    So Friggin' Hot, You'll go Blind! Nutritional Note: If you can stand the heat, cook with it. If not, leave it the hell alone.


  • Pappy's Not Made in China

    Pappy's Not Made in China

    Here’s a different sauce born in the USA!! Splash on steaks, burgers, game, bacon-wrapped scallops, chopped or pulled pork. Use as a steak sauce or marinade too! Heat 2 out of 10


  • Pappy's Sauce for Sissies - Mild

    Pappy's Sauce for Sissies - Mild

    Even Tough Guys can have a hard time with a little spice.That's why there is Baby Food and Pappy's Sauce for Sissies.